FZ Forza Titanium 299 N-Light CNT Review

Firstly lets take a look at the specs for this newly released racket.

  • Holes: 96
  • Weight - 84 g
  • Length – 674 mm
  • Balance – 285mm (Head Light)
  • Flex. - Stiff (4)
  • Power – 5/6
  • Control – 6/6

The first thing that stands out is that this racket is really quite light in feel (the clue's in the name!) which is great, along with its head light balance this racket is really quite fast through the air when playing fast strokes.

However, this light-ness does have its downside, if you are expecting to get lighting fast smashes and clears that cover the whole court you will probably be disappointed, unless you can provide lots of power yourself from a strong arm. The 96 holes string system however does add additional power over and what you would expect from a lower end racket with less holes dues to the higher stringing density and this to some respect does negate the Head light aspect of this racket.

The Titanium 299 N-Light CNT is also a great racket from performing controlled and accurate shots from the net and mid-court. This racket is therefore ideal for doubles play, and suitable for someone who like to play fast, controlled strokes which don't necessarily contain a lot of power. This racket is also categorised as “stiff” 4/5 by Forza and therefore does not acquire extra power from flex, so to gain additional power from this racket good technique is required.

The Forza Titanium 299 N-Light CNT can be purchased for £94.90 from

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