Beginners Badminton Racket

Beginners Badminton Racket 

You are going to purchase your first Badminton Racket may be for you or one of your Children, where do you start? Quite a few people go to their local sport shop and they will give you   generic advice, which if not appropriate could cost you money if the racket is of poor quality and not suitable for a beginner or competition player. However, if you seek out a specialist Badminton Racket supplier on line or shop you will find the people who run these are Badminton Players, Badminton Coaches or Ex Badminton Players who can give you sound advice on which racket to purchase, make sure its at least a one piece graphite. If you were asking us we would recommend a couple of Badminton Rackets which would fit the bill, the FZ Forza Classic Badminton Racket at £45.00 or the Attack 88 at £55.00 both of these Badminton Rackets are one piece graphite medium flex, 88 holes and are exclusive to Badminton Alpha. These Badminton Rackets punch above their weight for both price and quality, both of these Badminton Rackets will last a good number of years before you have to up grade.

FZ Forza Directors are both ex Professional players,they have a passion for quality and value for money and have a massive input into the Badminton Racket production, they will not put the Forza name on any Racket until they are happy that both a £45.00 Badminton Racket and a £180 Badminton Racket are good quality and value for money.    

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