Forza Badminton Racket Standard Factory Stringing

Forza Badminton Racket  Standard Factory Stringing 

One of the questions we get asked is what tension does the standard factory Badminton racket come strung at and with what standard of string? The standard for a Forza Badminton racket is around 23/24 with the standard FZ70 string. There are quite a few players who ask for a thinner finer string and tensioned higher because they believe they can hit the shuttle harder, only top players have their Badminton Rackets strung this way. High tension on a Badminton Racket reduces the “sweet spot” on the racket, this is the area where you have control of the shuttle direction. Unfortunately, if you miss hit out of the sweet spot the chances are you will break a string resulting in a restring. Thinner string in Badminton rackets do not have the durability of a thicker string. If you have any hair line cracks in the head of your Badminton Racket high tension will find them, sometimes resulting in the collapse of the frame of the Badminton Racket. Most top players who have to pay for their Badminton Racket to be restrung will string them anywhere from 24 to 27 with a standard 0.70mm gauge string.

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