When is a Tee shirt not a Tee shirt

When is a Tee shirt not a Tee shirt

Sports equipment and clothing are becoming very high tech, take the humble Tee shirt, not so many years ago this used to be cotton, keeping the heat (and sweat)  in during the summer months and the cold (and sweat) in during the winter. If you have had some hard games you would probably have had to change several times to a dry cotton Tee. Forza have developed a special product called dry-forze this is designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and equally as important to keep the Badminton player comfortable.

The dryforze dries sweat very quickly and lowers body temperature. The fabric has high breathability, heat dispersion to give maximum wearing comfort and the dry-forze will stay with the  Tee much longer than similar technologies 

Not every Tee is a Tee some are dry-forze from  FZ Forza 

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