Girls in Badminton

Girls in Badminton

Do you do ballet dance, tap dance, or modern dance, do martial arts, play netball or have done so in the past If you have, the chances are you will make a good Badminton Player, the skills taught in dance and martial arts will be loved by your Badminton Coach. The hand eye coordination and the spacial awareness from netball will also be easily transferred to the Badminton court. However, our best lady player was picked up as a junior from football and got to number three at senior level in the UK. If you have done any of the above go along to your local Junior Club and give it a try.

If you do join a Badminton club most clubs have their own Badminton club shirt. If the club has gone down the Badminstonalpha FZ Forza route you will have Danish design tailored for both male and female fits in Tees, Shorts and Skorts, with dryforze technology to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the Summer. FZ Forza are one of the top brands in Europe. Badmintonalpha are the largest stockists of the Badminton FZ Forza brand in the UK, we have new season stocks arriving shortly check out the website for further details.

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