Badminton Development in Schools

Badminton Development in Schools 

I have Coached for a good number of years and it always puzzles me why very few schools play Badminton alongside other sports, such as football and tennis. Many schools have Badminton courts lined out in the sports hall and can take twenty or so Badminton players for a PE lesson, which boys and girls can compete on equal terms. Badminton is not developed as it is not seen as a core sport .

We at badmintonalpha along with FZ Forza have decided to take the Badminton road show to schools who do not have Badminton on the Curriculum. This is a full day, taking up to twenty Children for a forty minute lesson each time with the Badmintonalpha FZ Forza coaching team. All  our time and equipment etc is given free. During our time promoting this around schools we have recommended some of the players who show some skill to the County Development Coaching team, who have taken them into their Badminton development squads.  For Badmintonalpha and FZ Forza it is a start, for  the Schools its fantastic to have some of their children playing County Development  Badminton.

Children can be good at other sports other than the big four played in schools, Badminton can be one of these other sports. The Badminton rackets are considerably lighter and the grips are smaller than tennis, you do not have to be big or strong to play it is all about agility and speed, give it a try. There are many junior Badminton clubs around the country, you can go onto the Badminton England website for more information. 

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