FZ Forza POWER 988 M Review

For the 15/16 Season FZ Forza has totally refreshed it entire racket line up which includes the POWER range where the 988 M sits just below the top of the range 996 Racket. This range as the name suggests is geared towards power. With the old Titanium and Kevlar ranges dispensed of, the Power rackets are constructed from a Titanium and Kevlar hybrid, with the shaft being Kevlar reinforced and the head being Titanium to provide both power from the shaft and accuracy from the head.

Onto the specs of this particular racket, the 988 M has an 88 hole frame with Head Heavy balance (295mm +/- 3mm), weight of 86g and a Medium flex shaft. The 988 also comes in VS/S/F flavours catering for all types of player, a system that has been brought across from the popular Ti 11.000 racket introduced last year.

The head of the racket has an aero profile similar to that seen in previous FZ rackets however this time a little more angled with a few more edges thrown in! The graphics an colours on this racket a some of the best i’ve seen. The base colour being a smart matte black with Blue, Silver, White and bronze flashes.

This racket plays really well, due to its weight and the aero head it doesn't particularly feel head heavy making the racket very manoeuvrable through the air. The head provides some good accuracy on drives and smashes and clears to the back of the court were easy. Due to the medium flex of this particular model the power wasn't at its maximum, however on the Stiff or V.Stiff racket some good power should be available. The different flex. options on this FZ Forza 988 is a great asset allowing players to fine tune to find the right flex for their play style.

Priced at £125.00 on badmintonalpha any of the 988 frames is an excellent buy for a player looking for a high end racket with some great playability.

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