Badminton Footwear - get the correct gear..

I expect most people have been in to one of the high street shops and asked for a pair of indoor trainers, suitable for Badminton and you are offered some all purpose trainers or tennis shoes. If you are playing Badminton regularly as a Junior or Senior, these are not suitable.

Most people do not realise there are specialist shoes for all sports Badminton is no exception. The Badminton shoe is designed to play the fast reaction sport of Badminton. They are designed with a tread pattern with extra reinforcement on the trainers when lunging in on the inside of the shoe in particular when trailing the non racket foot, they are exceptionally comfortable, light and flexible. The grip on the FZ Forza and adidas badminton shoes is exceptional along with FZorb and adiprene+ technology for cushioning. If your Children are starting to play or as an Adult Badminton its advisable to have the correct Badminton shoes. Correct badminton shoes are vital to support the feet in the correct areas its important not to ware these Badminton shoes outside the Badminton environment, its best to change into these at court side, to keep your shoes and the courts nice and clean with plenty of grip.

Its no good investing in the top end Badminton racket if you cannot get there in time, correct Badminton footwear is a vital part of your kit.

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