FZ Forza N-Forze 10000 Furious Review

FZ Forza N-Forze 10000 Furious Review


  • 88 Holes
  • Weight - 86g
  • Balance - 290mm (Medium)
  • Flex. - Medium
  • Shaft - 40T U-HM CNT Graphite
  • Frame - 40T U-HM CNT Graphite
  • Player - Fast / Defensive / All Round


This racket really does look excellent, with its light grey T area and shaft with bright vivid red head. It has excellent decals and looks great with the red and white combo.


This racket features an Ultra Slim shaft of around 6mm in diameter. This allows the racket to have next to no air resistance. The Furious is still however 86g in weight this is done by adding a little bit to the thickness of the head compared to the 10000 I-Power, this in my opinion is a good move as a racket which is too light can sometimes be incredibly difficult to play with, where as with the Furious the weight means it is very easy to get the most out of. The shaft however feels a little more flexy than other “stiff” rated FZ rackets.


This racket really does excel in defensive fast doubles play. With its slim shaft this racket cuts through the air with ease, along with the aero head this makes fast play a pleasure with its exc el lent maneuverability. The Furious is also no slouch when it comes to power shots and is certainly on a par with the I-Power, however in certain situations the Furious may lack a little power as I felt that the shaft had a bit more flex than its brother the I-Power, this however may suit some players better. The design of the Furious with the slim shaft makes the racket have a slight head heavy feel which is no bad thing as this gives the racket some added power in all shots, smashes and clears.

OveralI I would recommend this racket to everyone who plays doubles regularly and enjoys a fast paced game. This has been an incredibly popular racket with us already and is available from for only £119.

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