FZ Forza Shuttle Production

The following comes courtesy of the FZ Forza "Brand Brochure" and highlights the steps taken to ensure all FZ Forza shuttles are quality shuttles for the badminton enthusiast.

The feathers we use are from geese. Only six feathers from a wing can be used to make a shuttlecock. The feather selection process is very strict and demanding. Trained specialists identify and classify feathers based on different criteria.

We use a high quality cork head which has been carefully selected by technicians. The workers thrust the feathers into the shuttlecock head with a sophisticated machine to ensure the 16 feathers in each shuttle are exactly the same length.

In the Thread Crocheting workshop the workers then crochet the thread onto the feathers with a special machine. Next stop is in the Glue Brushing workshop where the workers brush the glue onto the threads.

To ensure quality technicians inspects every shuttlecock. The shuttles are tested using a shuttle speed testing machine. This manufacturing process ensures our shuttles perform at an extremely high level.

Badminton Alpha can provide FZ Forza shuttles for a wide range of activities for your club. Ranging from the £7.50 per Doz. AF 2000 shuttles, ideal for Junior and training to the FZ Forza Championship Shuttles for Tournament matchplay. The AF 100 are also a very popular mid-range shuttle at £13.50 per doz. which are used by many performance centres across the UK. Please contact us for further information.

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