FZ Forza Badminton Racket Technology

The Shaft


I-Power is a brand new technology where the shaft of the racket has been given different diameters internally. The shaft is thicker at the bottom and thinner where the shaft meets the racket head. This in turn moves the bending point further up the racket and provides more flex and an extra “kick”. This is suited to fast players who use fast motions and is ideal for use in the new N-Forze line by FZ Forza. The brand new FZ Forza N Forze 10000  arriving in August 2012 uses this technology to ensure it is the perfect racket for the fast offensive player.

The Frame

Hectagon Frame

FZ Forza has developed a hectagon frame which is narrower and stronger then usual. It gives reduced air resistance and less torsion ( head rotational movement ) This means faster reactions, better control and more power than normal.

Wide Body Frame

Extra Wide frame structure which makes the frame more rigid and more stable which translates into more shuttle control and increased impact force.

N-Body Frame

Regular Frame width which has the perfect combination of rigidness and flexibility. A frame type which will suit all players as it has optimum balance between control, fast reactions and impact force.

Slim Frame

Very thin and flexible frame with minimum air resistance. A frame type which is constructed for players who want fast reactions and hits.

Super Power Frame

FZ Forza has developed the Super Power frame which can be combined with wide body, N-Forze and Slim frames. The Super Power frame has a special structure which means that the rackets sweet spot is increased by 35% , this increases control considerably and gives more power.

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