Which Racket is right for Me?

So, which racket it right for me I hear you ask? Well, there are many different rackets which are available for many different players. These range from Head Heavy to Head Light and Very Flexible to Very Stiff. Its surprising how many players be it, casual or club players can't actually answer this question, so this blog post will hopefully give you some idea as to which racket would be right for you! The questions below may help you with your choice...

Are you a Double's player who plays a lot at the net ?

If the answer to this question is YES, then you will be needing a fast and head light racket which allows the player to perform quick strokes through the air with maximum control on the shot. Who needs power when performing fast and well controlled shots from the front of the court ? A head light racket is the one for you, have a look at Forza's N-Forze 90000 for a headlight racket with a bit of stiffness behind to to provide some extra power.

Are you an Offensive Player who needs Power ?

What you need then is a Head heavy racket, which when struck provides great power to the shot, however the negative to this attribute is that Head heavy rackets tend to be slower through the air than their lighter counter part. A stiff racket would also be beneficial as the energy in the shot will not be wasted in flexing the racket and if you can provide the power by just using you arm a stiff racket is ideal for you. For a head heavy racket check out Forza's Ti 555 N-Forze VS CNT, the extra weight in the head will give extra power when smashing without any extra power from the arm. a racket with these attributes tends to be mainly used in the singles game.

Are you an all rounder ?

If this is you then you will require a racket that gives you the best of both worlds. A medium balance racket with a bit of flex. This will allow the player to make powerful shots whilst still retaining good control over the racket head. A good all round racket for the club player is the N-Power Kevlar 155 , with it's medium balance.

....but I'm Just a Beginner ?

If you're a beginner and aren't fussed as to whether your racket is head light, heavy or in-between, then you need a basic racket for a basic price, such as the FZ N-Forze 14 Slim a great racket for the Junior or Beginner. With its flexible shaft this will give the player lacking in arm strength the added power in their shots.

These points are in no means definitive, and in many cases it is up to the player's personal choice as to which racket suits them the best due to many different variables such as technique to think about. But hopefully as a starting point this will give you some idea as to what your next racket will be....

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