FZ Forza Racket Charts

It can be sometimes very confusing as to how rackets compare to each other when buying, in terms of which one is head lighter or which one has more flex. The following charts come courtesy of FZ Forza to show how the rackets in the Titanium range and Kevlar range compare to one another.

Titanium Range

Kevlar Range

These charts are designed to give you a rough guide as to what to expect from your racket.

  • For example the Titanium 666 is an excellent racket for the advanced player looking for an all round racket with power and control.
  • For the doubles player looking for a headlight racket for speed through the air the Kevlar 66 Light or Titanium 299 Light are the rackets to look at.
  • If you are looking for all out power in a racket you can't go wrong with the Titanium 555 VS.
  • Players who are beginners would want to look at a flexible racket in both of the ranges such as the N-Power 35 and Titanium 190.

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